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  • Mr Bruce Saint
  • Mrs Viv Hemspell
  • Mrs Gill King
  • Mrs Joyce Needham
  • Mrs Mary Wiles

200 Club Winners


Mar 2020

1st    Terry Askew

2nd   Doris Flowers

3rd    Don McCarthy

Apr 2020

1st   Don McCarthy

2nd  Luigi Caporale

3rd   Cheryl McCarthy 

May 2020

1st   Peter Ford

2nd  Ann Cooper

3rd  Denise Thurston


I hope you are all well and looking after yourselves in these troubled times.

I am getting quite a few questions coming in from members about what the bowls season future looks like this year.  

So initially I am going to tell you the facts that have passed on to me from the various league and cup representatives.

  1. There will be no English Bowling Federation (EBF) county competitions this year, so definitely no finals at Skegness!
  2. The EBF indoor finals in Newark has been suspended, they may be played in September, this will be reviewed.
  3. Bowls England (EBA) has cancelled all domestic events in response to Government advice - that is National Championships, National competitions and International Events. - (so no Leamington this year!)  If things do improve at the end of the season there is possibility of a ‘ Festival of Bowls’ in Leamington.
  4. All League Cup competitions (Munday Shield, Mick Lewin, Albert Rowlett and Weekend Handicap cup) have been cancelled
  5. The league is currently delayed until the end of May and a decision regarding whether it will go ahead in any form will be made then.

Club Secretaries were also asked by the League secretary for any feedback on the above decision (5) from the league.  This is what I sent:-

“ I am personally a little surprised that the league is even thinking about playing this season.  

From this weekend vulnerable people (over 70’s) are supposed to isolate for 12-14, weeks, that would be a large percentage of our membership at Yaxley.  

The peak of the outbreak is also expected to be in 12-14 weeks, so I’m guessing that this isolation will go on for a lot longer than that! “

So what is happening next from Yaxley’s perspective:

We have a committee meeting meeting planned for the 6th April, but I think we need to make decisions before then, particularly on:

  • Health, Safety and Wellbeing of our members
  • Membership fees
  • Playing our own competitions 
  • Keeping the club going with limited funds and resources
  • Roll-ups, Friendlies and Drives
  • Communications
  • AOB

To this end, I will be emailing the committee with some thoughts that we can hopeful come to a consensus on via email.  

(I do not want to put anyone a risk with face-to-face meetings)

As soon as we have some decisions I will inform you all. Please pass these key messages on to anyone you know that does not have access to email - by phone not face-to-face!

And if you have anything you wish me to communicate on to the committee or other members, please forward it to me.

Keep safe


Club Secretary  19/3/2020


Membership of  the 200 Club must be renewed by the 31st  May 2020  to enable your name to remain in the monthly draw.

Please let Gill King have your  annual subscription  of £12.00 as soon as possible,   if you wish to continue supporting the club and being included in the monthly draw .

What's coming up - On The Green

     Wednesday 1st July 2020





The Dates of All events below will be reviewed regularly  by the YBC Committe and  any decisions made  in accordance within guidelines of the  Government bulletins  and EBF and EBA directives for your safety.

Possible dates of Club Events  provisionally planned for 2020

  • Sun 2nd Aug 2pm        Cook Cup
  • Mon 31st Aug 2pm       Bar-B-Q and Bowls Drive 
  • Sun 6th Sep                 Finals Day
  • Sun 13th Sep 1pm        Presidents Bowl

Help  Is Still Required  but please contact John first DO NOT turn up at the green without speaking to him  - Thank you


As members of Yaxley Broadway, we all enjoy the excellent facilities the club offers. We do sometimes forget the amount of work it takes to keep the club in the condition we all enjoy. This the work is done on a voluntary basis; unfortunately, this tends to be by the same few individuals.


John Thurston will be organising ongoing working parties in April/May to help with:

Woodwork by hedge needs to be replaced that the slabs stand on.

Trees - near rink 6 need pollarding.

Ash trees near clubhouse need trimming back, or taking down.

Slabs need leveling near clubhouse.

Shed at back of pavilion has leaky roof that needs fixing.

The pavilion needs re-weather-proofing.

If you feel you can help in any way please contact John  Tel: 705925